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Tanked Fish Sushi


based on 2 reviews

4855 E Warner Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85073
(480) 940-7253


Category: Restaurants
Tags: sushi bars, japanese, sushi

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Price Range: Moderate, $11-30
Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Parking: Private Lot
Wheelchair Accessible: yes

2 reviews for Tanked Fish Sushi

Tanked Fish Sushi
csheffet Send private message

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The sushi at this restaurant is fabulous. Great food, really nice atmosphere. However with all these great things going for them, they have the worst service I have ever had. My friends and I, 4 of us total had dinner over there and the waiter was absolutely rude, he messed up on our order and brought the appt. out with the meal. He also charged us gratuity, (i think 18%) which I later found out that it only gets charged with a party of 6 or more. So when you are there next time please make sure you check your reciept and hopefullly you won't get the rude waiter that we had. I did talk to the manager and she was very apologetic and professional but the damage was done. So my stars are for the food!

Tanked Fish Sushi
Jake L. Send private message

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Unbelievable sushi restaurant! The atmosphere is so upbeat and fun. The food is top notch. Why anyone would go to other sushi restaurants in Ahwatukee to eat the frozen stuff is beyond me. We always go for anyones birthday, any day of the week, and are never disappointed. Since the new owner(s) took over and put new management in, the place has taken off. We used to have it to ourselves but it is much more fun with the crowds! I can't believe the flat screens they have up to watch the food being prepared, AWESOME! We have yet to find anything that isn't of the highest quality. The service has improved to a great level that we would recommend Tanked Fish not only for the food anymore. Great job turning this place around. Thanks, this area needed a place like this.

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Tags: sushi bars, japanese, sushi

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